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In this area you will find additional information and guidance on how to implement the National Whistleblowing Standards and how to handle whistleblowing concerns in your organisation.  

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Anyone providing a service for the NHS needs to know about the National Whistleblowing Standards.

To help with this, the INWO team have created two learning programmes. One is for staff needing an overview of the Standards and the other is for managers. The managers’ programme is for any person working in the NHS who is likely to receive concerns. It covers in-depth what a manager needs to know to be able to respond to a concern.

The modules are now available on the Turas website. Click here to access them. 

  • NHS Scotland organisations are required to handle whistleblowing concerns according to the National Whistleblowing Standards. Read a step-by-step guide for NHS boards on what to do now to implement the Standards. 
  • Further information is available for boards and contractors (including primary care contractors) , along with the self-assessment checklist for NHS providers. Read implementation guidance.
  • All organisations should have a confidential contact that people can raise concerns with.  More information about this role can be found in our 'Role of the confidential contact' webinar.

    Getting information out to staff about the new National Whistleblowing Standards will be fundamental to their success. It is important that each NHS provider shares the right information with staff, students and volunteers. It is also important to publicise what arrangements are in place for raising concerns at the local level.

    To help with this, we have developed suggested text which can be used in your local communication materials. The suggested text provides key messages and information which are accurate and concise, for boards and other NHS providers.

    Local communications teams are encouraged to adapt this content for leaflets and webpages, adding local contact details and logos, and any other additional content as appropriate.

    New!: We have also produced a Guide to whistleblowing for anyone delivering NHS services.

    Frequently Asked Questions about the National Whistleblowing Standards and their implementation. Read FAQs here.

    Browse our directory of case studies for examples from a wide range of categories. Visit the case studies directory here.

    We have developed a programme of webinars which cover topical issues that we have picked up from our enquiries and case work.  These have been recorded and are available to view on our YouTube channel:

    Advice line

    To ensure those wanting to raise concerns have access to all the information they need in relation to the Standards, the INWO team operates a free advice phone line. You can contact the team on:

                            Freephone: 0800 008 6112            

    This service is open to all NHS providers, staff and members of the public.  

    The INWO team will be available to offer the following advice:

    Updated: July 26, 2023