INWO update

Given the understandable disruption to NHS services during COVID-19, we are working closely with our colleagues in the Scottish Government to ensure that the launch of the INWO and implementation of the National Whistleblowing Standards comes at a suitable time and takes into account both the pressures caused by the pandemic and the usual pressures the winter season presents. We expect to announce a revised date for implementation soon, but to be clear, it will NOT be July 2020 as originally advised. Read more


January 2020: The following information is shared to prepare for implementation - date to be confirmed

For NHS organisations

NHS organisations will be required to follow the National Whistleblowing Principles and Standards. The Standards are being shared in advance of the start of the INWO service for information and to help NHS organisations to prepare for implementation.

The Principles and Standards explain what is expected of NHS organisations and contractors about their handling of whistleblowing concerns.

The sector information includes specific guidance for primary care, health and social care partnerships, students and volunteers.

Our guidance and resources offer supporting information on handling concerns.

Updated: June 15, 2020