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Speak Up Week 2024, 30 Sept to 4 October 2024

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Speak Up Week is back! We can’t wait to share another week of celebration and conversation as we explore how we support the growth of a healthy and sustainable speak up culture across the NHS in Scotland. Together, we want to drive change that enables more people to speak up to prevent risks of harm. 

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Tips for Speak Up Week

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Spotlight on Speak Up Week 2024 themes

The theme for the week is 'Enabling Speaking Up'. Click through to read more about the topics the week will cover!

Leadership & whistleblowing cultureAccess to the processPsychological safetyUnderstanding of the experiences of all involvedBuilding trust (coming soon)

Speak Up Week 2024: a webinar to support your planning

To help you prepare for Speak Up Week 2024, we hosted a webinar on 15 May 2024. During the webinar, INWO colleagues reflected on the successes of previous Speak Up Weeks and shared our top tips for a successful and impactful event. 

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Updated: July 3, 2024