What do health boards need to do now?

NHS boards in Scotland need to ensure that the National Whistleblowing Standards (the Standards) are implemented in advance of 1 April 2021.

A step-by-step guide

NHS boards need to:

  • raise awareness of the National Whistleblowing Standards and procedure at board and senior management level
  • identify executive responsibility for overseeing the procedure
  • support the Whistleblowing Champion in their assurance role
  • identify new roles and how to fill them, including confidential contact and primary care confidential contact
  • ensure IT systems are being prepared for recording and reporting of concerns from 1 April 2021. If formal systems are not ready, ensure interim recording arrangements are in place.
  • set up governance arrangements for reporting of concerns from within the board and from its partner providers
  • liaise with staff side reps with these changes
  • consider training needs for all staff and for managers and develop staff training plans, incorporating INWO training modules (available on Turas website click here to access), alongside local training e.g. procedure for logging concerns.
  • ensure communications teams develop proposals for sharing information with staff (the INWO have produced some standard communications materials for boards and other providers to adapt).
  • primary care leads need to ensure providers are aware of their responsibilities and develop appropriate policies and systems, and
  • contract managers need to ensure their contractors are aware of their responsibilities and develop appropriate policies and systems (click here for further details). 

Contact the INWO team for advice, support and information.




Updated: March 16, 2021