Case study

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    Concern involving fraud
    Concern within a small organisation
    Primary care concern involving the board


A practice nurse becomes aware that a district nurse is claiming for over-time from the board for hours they are not actually working.  They mention this to the practice manager, who says it is not within their remit to take any action, and that this is for the district nurse’s manager.  

The practice nurse does not want NHS money wasted, and wants action to be taken.  They raise their concerns with one of the GPs, but get a similar response to the practice manager.  They are concerned that word will get back to the district nurse of what has been happening, and feel that they need protection if they are going to take this further.  

The practice nurse contacts the primary care confidential contact and discuss the situation.  A stage 2 concern is logged and the confidential contact agrees to share this with the fraud liaison officer, who passes this to the Counter Fraud Service (CFS) to investigate.

CFS make enquiries and identify that the district nurse has been claiming for excess overtime for the last two years.  They seek to recoup this money and refer the issue back to the board for them to take appropriate disciplinary action.  The fraud liaison officer is updated throughout the process, and keeps the practice nurse informed, via the primary care confidential contact.  When the CFS finish their investigation, they pass details back to the Board, who progress with appropriate disciplinary action.  The practice nurse is informed that the investigation into their concern has concluded, and that appropriate action is being taken, though they are not informed that disciplinary action is being taken forward.  They are also signposted to the INWO if they do not think that this concern has been resolved, or have concerns about their treatment.

Updated: January 9, 2020