INWO update

Given the understandable disruption to NHS services during COVID-19, we are working closely with our colleagues in the Scottish Government to ensure that the launch of the INWO and implementation of the National Whistleblowing Standards comes at a suitable time and takes into account both the pressures caused by the pandemic and the usual pressures the winter season presents. We expect to announce a revised date for implementation soon, but to be clear, it will NOT be July 2020 as originally advised. Read more


January 2020: The following information is shared to prepare for implementation - date to be confirmed

Case study

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    Moving from business as usual into the Standards


A cleaner within a hospital has noticed that new cleaning chemicals for the hospital have come in without appropriate labels and are a different colour to the type which has previously been used. The cleaner understands from their colleagues that they are to fill up previous labelled bottles with this new solution.

The cleaner approaches their line manager about the issue as they are concerned about the safety of these products.

The manager knows that issues arising within the cleaning team would typically be looked at by the same individual who is responsible for ordering the cleaning products.  They recognise the potential conflict in this, and suggest to the cleaner that the concern be raised through the whistleblowing procedure as this would allow for greater flexibility and nuance in how an investigation would be handled.  They also assure the cleaner that the procedure would provide support and protection from victimisation.

The cleaner agrees and the manager records a stage 1 concern, exploring what support the cleaner may require.  The manager makes enquiries, and establishes that there has been an oversight in the procurement process, which they escalate to the procurement manager for further consideration.  The manager closes the case at stage 1, but informs the cleaner that they can escalate this to a stage 2 concern if they do not think that this concern has been resolved.

Updated: January 9, 2020