Lothian NHS Board

Case ref: 202202634

Sector: Lothian NHS Board

Subject: Management practice

Date: May 2024

This is the report of the Independent National Whistleblowing Officer (INWO) on a whistleblowing complaint about the handling of a whistleblowing concern. It is published in terms of section 15(1) of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) Act 2002 which sets out the INWO’s role and powers. There is more information about this here https://inwo.spso.org.uk/  

Supported by the confidential appendixes, it is a full and fair summary of the investigation.

Executive summary 

  1. The complainant (C1) complained to the INWO about Lothian NHS Board (the Board). 
  2. The complaint I have investigated is
    1. the Board failed to manage the risks arising from bullying behaviours in a service (upheld)
    2. the Board failed to handle the whistleblower's concern in accordance with the Standards (upheld) 
  3. The INWO received a further complaint from a second individual (C2), who worked in the same service as C1. Part of C2’s complaint was closely related to point 2.1, so I decided to incorporate this part of C2’s complaint into my investigation of C1’s complaint.
  4. As a result of my findings, the Board have been asked to implement a number of recommendations and consider and reflect on other feedback, particularly in relation to compliance with the National Whistleblowing Standards.

Updated: May 22, 2024