Dumfries & Galloway NHS Board

Case ref: 202301815

NHS organisation: Dumfries & Galloways NHS Board

Subject: Hospitals \ Patient safety

Date: April 2024


C raised health and safety concerns in respect of the service where they worked. These included issues relating to equipment and clinic set up. 

The Board undertook a stage 2 investigation under the National Whistleblowing Standards. In their Investigation Report, the Board described their methodology and approach to assess the reported issues. They did not consider the concerns were substantiated. They also provided advice and steps that could be taken to address issues under business as usual arrangements. 

C received an outcome letter, which summarised the Board's position. 

C brought a complaint to INWO. C questioned whether the health and safety issues had been appropriately investigated, including whether the issues had received full consideration. 

INWO considered the information provided by the Board including their complaint investigation file. We made further enquiries of the Board and C. 

While the Board considered the level of investigation they had carried out was appropriate and consistent with applicable standards, they proposed further action to ensure the issues that were raised by C were fully addressed and mitigated (including further assessment of equipment and review of set-up). 

As all parties agreed to specific and deliverable action that would resolve the complaint, our decision in this case was to discontinue the investigation, subject to monitoring of the actions agreed. 

We recognised C's public-spirited approach in raising concerns. We also recognised the Board's commitment to improving services and learning through the whistleblowing process and pragmatic engagement with the resolution.

Updated: April 17, 2024