COVID-19 update

Please be aware that our office is currently not open to visitors.  Following the latest Government advice, we are not arranging face-to-face appointments for the foreseeable future. We are responding to emails; however, due to the impact on our staffing resources, our response times will be affected.  Please read our information for customers and organisations


January 2020: The following information is shared to prepare for implementation in summer 2020

Case studies

Categories Excerpt Date
  • Resolving an issue through business as usual
A laboratory technician notices that some of the samples coming from a ward have labels that have not been completed… January 2020
  • Concern involving a student
  • Moving from business as usual into the Standards
A student nurse notices that some of the medicines in the ward fridge are out of date… January 2020
  • Moving from business as usual into the Standards
  • Where business as usual has not worked
A nurse was concerned about inadequate staffing levels in the ward… January 2020